Brazil 2022
Vital decisions for Brazilians and the entire planet.

Terra 360 was created as a contribution to the urgent need to broaden communication and generate empathy, awareness and solidarity between voices, struggles and dreams of the global south and north. 

This project is a production of the communication studio Peninsula 360 Press. We are a diverse group composed of people of different languages, nationalities, trades, talents and perspectives, as well as a series of allied organizations such as Global Exchange, Casa Circulo Cultural and Ethnic Media Services.

We seek to tell local stories with global impact, with voices of those who fight hate with creativity, fascism and totalitarianism with data and freedom of thought, environmental destruction with sustainable strategies, congruence and art. 

We see with concern the resurgence worldwide of racist, xenophobic, despotic and anti-environmentalist discourses that target indigenous, black and LGBTQIA+ communities, social leaders, journalists, academics and anyone who disagrees with the hegemonic powers.

Nationalism, “neo”colonialism, populism and violence once again, as before in history, are accompanied by empty and false speeches, the suppression of democracy, the denial of difference, and the endless exploitation of the resources of the earth, our home, as well as the silencing of anyone who protests this.

In the face of the division and polarization that is generated in the world, we do not remain silent. Terra 360, through images, words and technology, seeks to generate narratives and solutions that connect through its anti-nationalist, decolonial, peaceful and diverse stories.


Terra 360 begins with a special coverage of the Brazilian elections 2022, in collaboration with Global Exchange, which will be decisive for the planet, since 65% of the Amazon, the “lungs of the world”, is located in Brazilian territory and it faces a process of massive destruction by the current president and candidate for reelection, the ultra-right-wing Jair Bolsonaro. 

Furthermore, in the context of these elections, Bolsonaro has promoted an anti-democratic and violent narrative against Afro-descendant communities, indigenous peoples, sexual minorities, women, academics, defenders of the territory, political opponents and anyone who differs with his fascist project. 

Therefore, these elections risk not only the future of one of the main points of global climate balance, the Amazon, but also the continuity of democracy and respect for the most basic human rights in Brazil. 

We hope you enjoy, participate and help us spread the word about Terra 360. 

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