Lula ends campaign walking along Paulista with Haddad, Alckmin and Pepe Mujica

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São Paulo, Brazil. October 29, 2022. The symbol of São Paulo, Paulista Avenue was taken over by a lively crowd this Saturday afternoon. Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, and Fernando Haddad, candidate for the State government, held the closing ceremony in a walk in front of thousands of supporters.

Photos by Omar Martínez / Global Exchange – Cuartoscuro – Terra 360

Dancing and singing the songs that marked the 2022 campaign, supporters from different generations and social classes followed the walk of almost one kilometer between the Art Museum of São Paulo (MASP) and the Cyclist Park. Before the procession, hundreds of motorcyclists rode motorcycles along the avenue in support of the former president’s candidacy.

As in all the rides that former president Lula has made through different Brazilian cities since the last week of the first round, the supporters approached to have their picture taken with Lula and exchanged glances and words of good luck or thanks for some benefit they had in the PT governments.

In today’s parade, besides Congressman Geraldo Alckmin, who was with his wife Lu, the former minister Marina Silva and Janja, Lula’s wife. They also had the special company of Pepe Mujica, former president of Uruguay.

Photos by Omar Martínez / Global Exchange – Cuartoscuro – Terra 360

The farewell walk was a kind of carnival parade that brought together different sectors of society and professionals committed to building a better and democratic Brazil. In addition to flags, personalized blocks such as doctors for democracy, USP in the streets, women for housing and women against Bolsonaro.

In a quick speech, Lula reiterated the importance of everyone going to the polls this Sunday to exercise citizenship through voting. On different occasions, the former president has highlighted the need for everyone to get involved in the election of representatives so they can demand the implementation of the policies they want.

Judite, 65, a retiree, said she supports her family, herself and an unemployed son, on minimum wage and that life is much more difficult now. She hopes her son will get a job with Lula’s return, but says her vote for Lula is because he does it for the poor, but also because he has love in his heart. “The other only has violence. I don’t like violence,” said the retiree, who is making a novena for Lula’s victory. Also plumber Joel Alves de Souza, 54, said “He will win.” He is objective when answering why he votes for Lula: “Because I am a worker”.

Photos by Omar Martínez / Global Exchange – Cuartoscuro – Terra 360

Teacher Ana Mota, 54, left home early to go to Paulista. Gold at the Pan American Games in Cuba, the basketball player wore a yellow T-shirt with the number 13 and the name of Lula and a paper mask with the face of the former president. He covered his face with the mask every time he passed someone on the street and shared the joy of voting 13 with other Lula supporters. Of the many reasons to vote 13, he summarized that one of the main reasons is: “for Brazil to be happy again”.