Mexico’s military used Pegasus to spy on human rights activists: #EjércitoEspía

Two people from Centro Prodh were spied on with Pegasus by the Mexican Army between June and September 2022 in the context of human rights defense. Centro Prodh has been attacked with Pegasus under the last two governments in Mexico and the cases remain in impunity. The organizations responsible for the #EjércitoEspía investigation demand an […]

Communities demand rapid response after immigrant tragedy in Juarez

On March 28, 2023, a tragic incident took place at the INM Migration Station in Ciudad Juarez. Forty men between the ages of 18 and 51 who were locked in a burning cell lost their lives. INM personnel were present during the fire, but instead of helping them, they abandoned them to their fate. According […]

The Polycrisis Fueling Protests in Perú

By Peter Schurmann. https://ethnicmediaservices.org/ The “polycrisis” is an emerging term working its way into the parlance of lawmakers and global decisionmakers, from elite universities to the meeting rooms at Davos. The term is broad in its definition; almost amoeba like, it morphs to envelop the many challenges confronting humanity, from climate catastrophe to poverty, hunger, war, […]

Peruvian state has violated Human Rights

Photos by Marcos Sierras. Lima, Peru. The International Mission of Solidarity and Human Rights, an international organization that constantly observes government practices regarding its handling of social conflicts, arrived in Peru in early February 2023 to investigate the Peruvian state after local organizations witnessed several human rights violations during the months of protests against the […]

International Solidarity Mission arrives in Peru to learn about human rights violations

Alvaro Meneses Gutiérrez After nine weeks of protests and repression by the forces of law and order in Peru, the International Solidarity Mission for Human Rights arrived this Tuesday, February 7, in the capital city of Lima to collect testimonies and information regarding the violation of human rights in that country. With the evidence collected, […]

Peru protesters against Boluarte affect tourism

Lima, Peru. On Saturday, the government of Peru decided to close the renowned Machu Picchu ruins in an indication that the demonstrations that initiated last month have started to take hold of the South American country. The Ministry of Culture declared the closure of this iconic tourist destination and the Inca Trail that leads up […]

Peru’s “corner of the dead” suffers, again, the pain of repression

Ingrid Sánchez. Photos: Candy Sotomayor and Miguel Gutiérrez Forty years after the violent repression in Ayacucho, Peru, the military are once again leaving the dead in the streets. Time has passed, but the stigma has not.  “Here nobody listens to us, nobody will listen to us”. This was the complaint of victims of military repression […]

Building Bridges to Climate Progress

Peter Schurmann Ethnic Media Services. Nov 4, 2022. Government officials, researchers, and climate activists from around the world will descend on Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh next week for the United Nations’ 27thannual COP summit. The event comes amid increasing signs of climate distress, from more destructive hurricanes to longer and more damaging wildfire seasons and […]

Hate Speech During Brazilian Elections

By Eduardo Paz / Terra 360 – Global Exchange  A significant increase in hate speech has flourished as the elections progress in Brazil. This clear correlation challenges democracy, targeting the presidential elections. One can observe that during the summer months of June – August, neither the Thematic Index of Hate Speech nor the General Index […]