A Peace Summit for both our nations

“The destinies of the U.S. and Mexico, as well as our movements for social and environmental justice, are inextricably intertwined”.

Watch a message shared by Melissa Oakes – Iakowi:he’ne’ Oaks

The Peace Summit, coordinated by Global Exchange and more than 50 other organisations, aims to foster a cross-border movement that mobilises local solutions to growing inequality, violence, and human and migrant rights problems in the region.

Through the Peace Summit, organisations from Mexico and the United States will hold a conference in February 2023 to expand political participation and bolster political strength for the underrepresented and overlooked (youth, migrants, indigenous groups, and more), thus amplifying their demands for human rights, justice, democracy, and peace in the region. In 2022, five local dialogues will be held as part of the Peace Summit programme. The conference in Mexico will be attended by hundreds of activists from both countries and receive information and support online.

Cross-border challenges such as migration, human rights, economic equality, and gun trafficking are all dependent on the participation of civil society groups.

Ending regional violence and handling cross-border issues requires civil society groups’ participation and engagement on both sides of the border. We are living in critical and urgent times in both Mexico and the United States.

From growing gun violence to political exclusion to disenfranchisement, worsening migrant repression, and expanding environmental and climate-driven crises, there is an urgent need for activism, reform, and political involvement. Across the border, we share a history of oppression and resistance that binds us together more than we might imagine. Mexico and the U.S. will hold critical elections in 2024, so we must start now to build political power.

Details and registration about the Peace Summit can be found both in English and Spanish.